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Re: Handedness

Left like 60% or the time, right about 40%. It's part of what confuses me so much. His daddy is left handed for everything but writing, which I thought was weird, until I kinda had a 'duh' moment and realized he went to a public school where if not specified otherwise they teach everyone to write with their right hand, and was later told it was further enforced when he broke his left arm when he was perfecting handwriting in grade 3.

Ah well, it's more curiousity than anything else, since he's interested in learning things that are hand based now, I'm just kind of stumped on which hand I'd be better off trying to teach him to use. For example, his daddy's guitar and chopsticks. He shows a slight lefty preference/better ability on the 'sticks, but not really much on anything else.

I do notice that he gets frustrated on occasion and switches things to the other side, like blocks to the left and play tools to the right, so I guess eventually he'll figure it out, just hope it's before he learns how to do anything well with either hand and has to essentially start over.
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