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Re: What are your 1 yr old's naptimes and bedtime?

At around 14/15 mo my son went from two naps to one nap. It took a couple of weeks - he would still nap twice a day 2/3 days a week but finally he was down to just one nap. Now his sleep is pretty regulated. He sleeps from 7:30/8 until 7:30am or later some days. And he naps at 12:30 for 2-4 hours (usually more in the 2.5hr range but some days he does nap longer).

My oldest changed to one nap a day at about the same age as my youngest. And my middle son I had to force down to one nap a day - I was pg and wanted to be able to nap while they napped but he was napping on an alternate schedule to his brother because he was still doing two naps so I kinda forced the going down to one nap. Anywhere from 12 mo to 18 mo I think is most normal to go from two naps to one. I would just push the morning nap from say 9 to 10 then next week move it to 11 and then to 12 until you have the nap where you want it.
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