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Puddle of tears

AF came today. i was late two weeks (i was afraid to test) and had a dr appt today. this was booked over a month ago for a routine pap test. i mentioned to the dr that i was late and he assured me that i was fine to have the pap. i have had other preggo symptoms like tender breasts and periodic nasea (sp?) we were really hoping we would be pregnant this month cause now we have to wait untill december to try again. (DH is away alot threw the farming season)

it wasn't untill after the dr appt that i began to cramp and feel horrible and had a feeling i would start. i also can't shake the feeling that having the pap could have forced an end to a possible pregnancy? is that possible?

today has been a huge emotional rollercoaster, and at this point i'm lying on a wet pillow in a puddle of tears. i hope tommorrow is a better day!!
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