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I'm ambidextrous, and that is how it began! I'm betting you notice no distinct handedness in your son because he has none. You may notice that he likes to do certain activities with one hand better than the other over time, but that's normal. I write with my right hand at least 70% of the time because I hate getting ink all over my hand when I write with my left, but play golf left handed always. I fire my rifle only left-handed because I like my left eye better for firing, but I serve a volleyball right handed more times than not. If I play baseball, I bat with whatever hand will have me facing away from the sun (boy, that freaked a lot of people out in gym class back in school! LOL) I eat with whatever hand I pick up my silverware or chopsticks with. They always seat me next to my lefty BIL at family functions because I'm the only one other than him who can use chopsticks left-handed. These preferences were developed over time. As a kid, I mimicked whoever I was around.

Being ambidextrous is fun! I hope your son is! It sure makes writing papers easier when you're too young to type them, because you can switch hands when you get tired. I'm thoroughly convinced having two dominant hands makes life easier. I wish my kids were ambi, too. My daughter's a righty. My son has no preference yet, but it's too early to tell. I still hold out hope for him. We've had one ambidextrous person in every generation of my family on my dad's side, but never more than one, and I'm the only female!
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