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Re: Can someone loan me a shoulder to cry on?

Originally Posted by spottycat View Post
I'm so sad right now
yds turned 1 last month so he is still so little. His hair is beautiful. Golden blonde and shiny, delicate and baby fine. It's getting thicker everyday. The front is a cute length but the back was getting really long. None of his hair fell out after he was born, it just started growing longer. He looked like he had a mullet, seriously. A lot of people joked about it. But I love his beautiful hair. Well, today I decided enough was enough. So... I trimmed the back. I took about an inch off. It was simple enough and it looks good, as in it's even and everything. But now my heart is breaking. I want his hair back. It's so ridiculous. I didn't cut it that short. Just a bit above his shirt collar. It looks really cute. So why am I crying right now??
Has anyone else ever felt this way?
Oh crap. I see my future. DS3 is 15 months and has hair like your DS. I love playing with it! DH hates it being long though, so the end is near. I'm trying to get him to hold off a few more weeks. I think I will seriously
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