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Re: Should I wake her?

You get on a routine for the day. You make sure she is up at the same time each day and begin a routine for each part of the day. If you start out the same way each day, it is a million times easier to continue each day in the same general way. My girls will fluctuate within a 30 minute time frame but in general, we do the same routine every day. It sounds like it would be harsh (or boring) but it is not that way at all for us, especially since I work at home so I don't have the flexibility that a SAHM would have. In addition, my kids are well rested which makes for happier, better behaved kids. The ONLY down side is that while they can stay up on occasion for a late night event, they normally do not do well past 8pm. That is a sacrifice for us but WAY better than them being up all hours of the night and struggling through each day (which is what they would be doing if we didn't have a routine).
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