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Re: Sleeping Issues - is this normal?

Thanks for the replies and advice. It is comforting knowing that I am not alone. I am going to look through the links/books listed.

I have attempted night weaning, but when DS is screaming bloody murder, I give in after a few minutes and nurse him. Most of the time, he doesn't actually suck to get anything, he more or less uses me as a paci (which he's never taken to). I don't think my supply is a problem, because I still have strong let-downs and leak like crazy when nursing.

I want to say that I am fine letting DS go on like he is until he is ready to sleep through the night... but I don't feel like he ever gets the rest his little body/mind need. He doesn't sleep long and well through the night (or at nap), and it shows through the day. He plays with his sister and is happy for a while during the day, but honestly, most of his day is spent whining and fussing (unless I am carrying him around). He just doesn't have the stamina through the day, and I believe it's because of his poor sleeping habits. I know I feel rotten most of the day, so I can only imagine how he feels.

He's worn out tonight. We spent most of this evening outside mowing and doing some yard work, and after I got him out of the bath, I put him on our bed while I got DD ready for bed. I walked back in our room to find him asleep at the foot of our bed. I am going to leave him and see how long he sleeps. He hasn't nursed in about 6 hours (but he ate dinner), so we'll see how long before he realizes he doesn't have milk in his belly and my hair in his hands.

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