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Re: Inside activities for 2-3yo

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
My daughter rides her tricycle inside. We also have a small tent that unfolds to use indoors and the Rose Petal Cottage playhouse (sort of tentish) and those are big hits with my girls and the daycare kids. They spend HOURS crawling in and out of those things and it never gets boring. My older likes to vroom cars around or "help" wash dishes. Just throw a few non breakable items into some soapy water and let them wash.
we had the cottage, but DD rarely played in it unless she had a friend over. As for the "dishes" if I let her have water indoors then she will inevitably find a cup and start pouring which usually ends up on the floor. It seems pouring is her favorite activity but the only place I've found to let her do it safely is outside at her water table...then she comes inside soaked.
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