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Re: Sleeping Issues - is this normal?

The problem with night-weaning though is that it often doesn't have any correlation with night-waking. Too many women I talk to are dismayed to find out after those few nights of screaming that their kid doesn't sleep any better! And if you night-wean your toddler, the next time they get sick you're probably going to start nursing them at night again and will have to repeat the unpleasant process. BTDT, not going to do it again, but that has just been my experience.

OP, my son turned two today. He doesn't sleep through the night by anyone's definition – up around midnight, then up again around 3a and on and off 'til it's time to get up to get my eldest ready for school. I have an extremely long "rope" when it comes to this kind of thing and haven't reached the end of it yet. I do plan to bring him to the chiropractor though to see if there's anything "stuck" going on. And I feel better about saying "no" sometimes to a child over two when it comes to night nursing. We're working on just keeping the nursing short and he is getting better about rolling over and falling asleep after a couple of minutes.

BTW re: the hair – if it bothers you, can you get into the habit of nursing him with your hair pulled back in a tight ponytail? Or they do sell dolls with "real" feeling hair – maybe he would dig that?
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