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Printing off photos of your relatives children....a question

Would this scenario come off as strange to you?

I went by to see a certain relative who wanted a mutual family friend of ours to meet my baby girl. So I stopped by my relative's place. She had quite a few photos of my daughter in her house...on the fridge, in her room (was in there to change the baby), and in her living room. She had far more photos of my baby girl than the several other children in the family. And my daughter is only 3 months.

The thing is is that we are not close. We are friendly but for years, we were just cordial. Now we are on more friendly terms but even then I would not say she was my friend. I gave her our birth announcement and a few photos but she had many more that I DID NOT GIVE HER....

Figured out that she is using someone else's password to sign on to Facebook and print off photos from my page! Does this seem odd to anyone else? If she wants photos, shouldn't she ask? Doesn't it seem wrong somehow to use someone else's account to print off photos that you did not ask for and then have them framed in the living room. She even had a photo of right after the birth with me holding the baby...that one was on the fridge.

I have it narrowed down to a few people that might have given her their password. I don't think that she was sneaking on to someone else's page by the way. She had her own account and deleted it a couple of years ago.

Would it surprise you to go to a relative's house and see photos of YOUR daughter that you did not give her framed around the house?

BTW, I am POSITIVE she got some of these photos from my FB page. No one else had these. I did not send them to anyone or post anywhere other than FB.

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