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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

Originally Posted by Smidgerooski View Post
DD has been walking for 4 months now and about a month ago I bought her, her first pair of 'real' shoes...SKRs. She needed something for outside that wasn't going to soak her feet. I really like them and I'm planning to buy 2-3 more pair for the summer. Anyways, I told my mom about them and she started sending me links of ones on Ebay, but they were used. I emailed her back and told her I didn't want dd wearing pre-worn shoes. My reasoning is that I would never want to wear pre-worn shoes and I certainly don't want dd to wear them while her feet are developing.

So, the other day my mom bought dd an easter dress and a pair of used SKRs on ebay. The SKRs are really used and all I want to do is throw them away. I will be donating them tho

So, do you let your kids that are walking wear hand-me-down/pre-worn shoes?

I do not buy used shoes. My dh and I both have high arches and we recall foot pain as kids so our girls will always get new shoes. Now, if shoes are not too worn, I will save the older sister's shoes for the younger to wear but younger will also get new. Since my concern is the footbed getting developed in the shoe by the first wearer, I don't want my girls to wear shoes that other kids have formed. But, my oldest and youngest likely have similar enough feet that sharing a few shoes is no biggie.

Also, I broke my rule a while back and bought some used glitter mary janes, the Target ones, at a CS. I bought them just for dressup for my youngest. They gave her a foot fungus! And yes I am positive it was those shoes because they were the only ones she was wearing without socks. As soon as we threw them away and used antifungal for a day or two, it was gone and never came back. Yuck!
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