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Re: What to call private parts?

Discretion YES. Biology YES. I am just saying, no need to be shy about it or ignore it. Males have penises and females have vaginas. These are facts. It is science. No need for mystification. It is what it is. To not call it what it is, seems fallacious to me. Do you call your boob (since most of you breastfeed) something "petname" like?? It is a mammary gland.... all mammals have them. I tell my daughter that she is to cross her legs if she has a skirt/dress on, and her punishment is no skirts. She follows this because she wants to be appropriate and respectable. Plus she aspires to be like her mom. Set an example. We have graphic encyclopedias for children, and she can see pictures of anatomy. She knows her baby sister was in my uterus, and came out via my birth canal. We teach things through their evolutionary significance, the selecitive pressures that generated these structures.
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