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Re: Sleeping Issues - is this normal?

Well, I just had a small book typed out when DS hit something and backspace on my keyboard and took me back a page. Now everything is gone.

doodah - I want to continue to co-sleep and nurse through the night, but just not every hour. I don't mind waking 2, even 3 times per night to nurse and cuddle, but once an hour gets exhausting.

Last night, I wrote down everytime DS woke. He fell asleep by himself, woke up within a couple hours. I nursed him back to sleep. He woke up an hour later. I told him no nurse nurse. He screamed a terribly mad scream for 10 minutes before giving in and playing with my hair. He was awake 45 minutes later. I nursed him that time. After that, he was awake once an hour except when he slept from 2-4 without waking. He finally woke up around 8, crying and just wanting to be held.

DD, on the other hand, fell asleep, staying asleep (even through DS mad fit), woke up at 8 happy and ready to play. <-------- that is what I want for DS... him to wake up happy and playful.

musicalisa - I don't mind the hair thing when I am in bed... but there are times that I don't want to be in the bed when DS is asleep. As it is, I am tied to the bed anytime he wants to sleep. I don't get cuddle time with DD anymore before bed because DS falls asleep before her. I've tried dolls with hair, but he can tell the difference.

Anyone have suggestions for dolls with real hair?

dragondance - we have a "quiet" fan in our room, maybe I need to look at something more. Maybe it's something as simple as that. When I think about it, DS has slept through every movie we've been to, and does nap longer if I am in the room watching tv while he's sleeping. I'll have to try some other sound tonight or at nap today.

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it, and it's helping me feel like I can do it because other mamas have been through it as well.

Mama to 3, soon-to-be-4

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