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Re: Sleeping Issues - is this normal?

Originally Posted by I_am_Blessed View Post
Anyone have suggestions for dolls with real hair?

dragondance - we have a "quiet" fan in our room, maybe I need to look at something more. Maybe it's something as simple as that. When I think about it, DS has slept through every movie we've been to, and does nap longer if I am in the room watching tv while he's sleeping. I'll have to try some other sound tonight or at nap today.

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it, and it's helping me feel like I can do it because other mamas have been through it as well.
Dd only naps if the TV is on, too. She had a fan in her room for ages but it didn't help--she slept much better with music on top of that. And as for dolls with real hair, I know my mom made my dd's some with real hair--well, I think one is goat hair but it's real hair, so they can be made with craft store stuff. Heck, I could probably send you one of theirs if you want. They don't really play with them much. Like the cheap plastic head babies better
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