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Unhappy I think My Ds is having a Reaction to vaccinations

We do a delay/select schedule with my ds and at his 2 yr check up on Thursday he got the third dose of polio and 4th dose of dtap. Afterward he was fine but then yesterday I noticed a rash in his diaper area-which he has not had in months. But it went away after a couple hours. Then this morning he had a bit of rash on his lower belly but again I brushed it off to diaper use issues. Now both legs are covered and also his thighs Its really red with small bumps-kind of looks like severe sunburn? He hasn't gotten into anything or eaten different food so I think its got to be related to the vaccinations-one of the poke areas is a slight black and blue and totally surrounded by the rash.
He's acting totally fine though so its not bothering him-but ugh! I feel awful right now I looked up the two vaccinations and didn't see rash as a possible side effect but don't know what else could be causing it? Hopefully it will go away on its own soon!
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