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No weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea. Could it be celiacs?

My son has slowly been dropping on the growth charts since birth but especially around when we started introducing solids. We thought the weight problem was because it took him a few months to figure out how to not gag and throw up on the purees and switched him to exclusively finger foods. He's always had runny poop but I thought that was due to the breastmilk. Now that he's been weaned for about 2 months his poop still hasn't firmed up. He's now 14 1/2 months and eats as much as his 3 year old sister but still isnt gaining weight. He's at 17.5lbs and holding since 9 months. He also has just started vomiting randomly a few times a week, seems kind of cranky(which could be teething too) and seems to be having increased digestive issues. He doesnt have a fever or seem to be sick in any other way. I was looking up stuff about toddler's with bloated bellies last night because his belly felt kind of hard and ran across some websites about celiac's disease. He seems to have quite a few of the symptoms so I'm going to ask his ped about it in 2 weeks when he goes to his next weight check. Thought I'd post on here to see if any other mother's had experience with this. If your kid's have celiacs, when were they diagnosed and what were their symptoms? Also, I thought about taking him off gluten for a couple of weeks to see if that helps but read that they need to still be on gluten if the Dr decides to do tests or they wont be accurate. So should I take him off of gluten or wait until we see the pediatrician in 2 weeks?
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