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Re: No weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea. Could it be celiacs?

Hey mama!
Im in the same boat as you...My daughter is currently being tested for celiac. She has about 8-10 poops a day...runny, has a bloated belly, cries often like she is in pain, and eats like a horse...ALLTHETIME! She is 15 and 1/2 months gaining slowly. She is 21 pounds and 30 inches long. She is a slow gainer.
When we went to the Ped about it last week, he gave us 3 stool specimen containers (we did them all Friday morning) and she had blood work done last week. When we get those back, we will go from there. My ODD she is 7 years old now was tested when she was 2, and even had a biopsy done of her stomach and an upper GI, various other testing..came back neg and she is okay now. My Ped said even now it could be hard to get a dx even if she has it. Alot of the times it comes up inconclusive when they are under 5.

She had really bad acid reflux as a little baby and was on meds for that and on Alimentum formula mixed with rice cereal b/c she was aspirating her feeds. I also breastfed her. I know it can frusterating but if you are thinking of having her tested, I wouldn't do the GF diet yet. Good luck and keep me informed on what you come up with.
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