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Re: Printing off photos of your relatives children....a question

If you aren't close, and she has LOTS of pics of your daughter all over her house, I find that weird. First thought that came to mind was those weirdo's you see on due date boards that fake their pregnancy/baby to get attention and use OTHER peoples pictures to use as their own. I could be way off, but that's what came to mind, because it is rather creepy! Now, if it were someone close, I wouldn't mind a bit.

I do have to agree a bit though with the PP, if you don't want to chance your DD's pics getting in the wrong hands, you might not want to post them anywhere on the net. We all know the net has some crazy ppl on here, and that's the chance you take when you post them! It sucks that there are weird/crappy ppl in the world!
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