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How often do you play with your children?

Sorry if this has been asked recently. I was just wondering how often you all play with your children?

I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. I play with them as much as I can in between cleaning and making meals. But I don't know if its enough, my 4 year old is ALWAYS I mean always asking me to play. From the moment we wake up to the moment she goes to bed, shes always asking me "mama wanna play?" She has to ask me that a million times a day. Half the time I tell her "not right now" or "in a few minutes, mommy is busy right now" she always seems to ask me when I'm busy doing something. I'm also one of those people that like to finish what I start. If I'm half way threw dishes I'm not going to stop them and play. She does need to learn to be patient correct? She has little patience.

Now, when I play with my kids I try to interact with both of them, DD (4 year old) isn't really jealous of her 9 month old brother but it seems like I can't even play with him for 2 minutes because she goes "mama wanna play with me" then I start to feel guilty and play with her and then I feel bad for DS. What in the world do I do?? I'm also dealing with PPD, so that doesn't help. how often do you play with your children?

Want to add that when DD was an only child she got played with a LOT. I got my cleaning done for the day and we played outside and did lots of activities before ds was born. Maybe I should start doing that (activities) more. Shes got a great imagination and plays with her doll house and babies most days.
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