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Re: How often do you play with your children?

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
So what do you do when she doesn't want to help? Do you continue doing your cooking or laundry or do you play with her?

I can't wait until ds gets a tad older..I mean its so sad that hes 9 months old already but I can't wait to see how they play..actually play! They will play but its short lived at the moment, ds gets moving on to something else really fast haha
No! Do what you need to do, offer to let her help, then move on and tell her you will play when you are done. Try setting a timer or doing a routine with playtime built in. Good luck My oldest was (still is!) very bright but basically relied on me for most of her fun the first 4-5 yrs of her life and it was touch for me to say no.
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