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Re: A Double-Dog Dare for those that are challenged by their little girl's hair!!

Thanks Rebekah!

We're kinda in a hair rut, too. my FIL took his life last tuesday and the service is in the morning. Things haven't been the best around here, and hair has been at the bottom of the priority list, needless to say. I really wanted to do the girls' hair nice for the family service tonight, but I didn't. (DSD got her ends curled and DD had one off center french braid just with "bangs" hair, sorta, it wasn't that great ) I couldn't decide what to do, and then sorta ran out of time (but that's kind of an excuse). we don't have DSS and DSD tonight, so I only have one head of hair in the morning... and I want something special... but again, I can't make a decision. DD's wearing a black dress, so I thought black ribbon in her hair would be cute/appropriate .. but that's as far as I've gotten so far.

How's everyone else doing these days??
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