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U/S with good news

I had my second appointment this morning and some of my fears are calmed My dates are right on what I had calculated (thanks, NFP!) so I'm about 10 weeks today and I'm due on Nov. 28th.

With my last pregnancy, I had minor placenta previa and later on, I had a partial abruption and pre-term labor that was exacerbated because of it. There's a high risk of having similar problems in subsequent pregnancies. But good news! The placenta is nice and high like it should be, and get this - I can feel the baby move already. My CNM laughed at one point because it must have kicked the u/s wand and she could feel it just a little as well.

And a little more good news, though I'm reluctant to say anything. I think I'm feeling better. For the last four weeks I haven't hardly been able to move without throwing up and I've lost about 15 lbs, and yesterday and today (so far) I haven't thrown up at all. Yesterday I didn't even feel queasy until about 3 pm, though I didn't have much energy. Today I'm okay, but still having to work a little at keeping food down. But it's an improvement. I hope it continues this way!
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