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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi! We do about 75% of our shopping there. We buy a lot of dry/canned goods, and some produce and meat. I don't like their bananas or apples, but their avocados, cucumbers and peppers are really good (avocados are usually not ripe, I just put them in a paper bag for a day or two and the're perfect). In general, the meat and produce are really good quality, but I do think they buy some things local so it depends on your area. You really can't beat their prices, and I think their quality is great. They also have really good dark chocolate bars now.
My DH likes their mac 'n cheese better than any other brand - and I think it's only $0.33 a box? Personally, I like the sliced and shredded cheese (Happy Farms) - I really don't taste any difference between that and, say, Kraft cheese.
Wish I could do all my shopping at Aldi's, but there are some things I have to go elsewhere for.
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