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Do your babysitters allow TV?

Or rather do you let your babysitter allow TV when they are babysitting?

My 2 yo is a real handful these days and the only time she isn't getting into something is when she is: A)being played with one on one. B)sleeping, of course. or C)watching TV. The TV viewing has a limited time though. She will get bored if allowed to watch TV for very long.

So, my babysitter is usually watching TV with my 2 yo DD when I get home. I don't think they are watching it the whole time I'm gone, but I'm still a bit annoyed to see her watching TV. The programs are fine, but I don't understand why the babysitter can't just play with DD for the 2.5 hours that I'm gone or doing something else in the house.

I get frustrated because if I'm cleaning a room upstairs or folding laundry, I could do that with DD watching TV WITHOUT a $10/hour babysitter sitting with her.

She's a great babysitter otherwise and I'm a little afraid to mention the TV viewing. I told the babysitter it was ok for DD to watch a little TV, but that was when it was freezing cold outside. Now, it's beautiful out here and I see no reason for her to watch TV at all while the babysitter is here.

Am I being picky or unrealistic in my expectations for the babysitter? I personally wouldn't have a problem entertaining my DD for 2.5 hours with the TV. It's NOT that hard if you are one on one with her.

Would you risk telling an otherwise responsible TV, period.?
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