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Re: Do your babysitters allow TV?

I'd just tell her your beef.
You're the mom. The boss. She's an employee. She should do it how you like with your child.
They may be only watching TV for 5 minutes before you get home but if you don't want her to, then she doesn't.
I don't think you should feel weird or mean or picky for wanting a sitter to watch your child a certain way. Just tell her no more TV now that it's nice outside & you'll let her know on an as needed basis when TV is okay(like today it's raining, etc).
I don't think you are expecting too much.

Oh, and to answer your question "Does your babysitter allow TV?"
No. I'm the baby sitter(home daycare) and my charges never watch TV here at my house. We are just too busy doing things! My own boys are allowed TV nightly after baths from 8-9, but usually they forget. Too busy playing with real things than watching a box with moving pictures.
Bye bye.

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