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Re: What time to do your kids go to bed?

Originally Posted by Fashionably Green Baby View Post
The old fuddy duddy comment is because when I was a kid all of the kids I knew (and that was ALOT since my mom ran an in home daycare) went to bed in the 7 or 8 ok area and it seems like the only people who agree with me about the kids bedtime are around my parents age. It seems as though a good number of younger parents I know just let their kids stay up until they crash. I understand there are different schedules etc but these people all have a pretty normal 9 to 5 type job so that is not it. Also a good bit of them actually just let their kids fall asleep in front of the TV (we don't even allow tv watching until 3 in our house and then it is very limited) so this is just beyond me. For me I have always let them guide me in their schedule but I am a firm believer in them getting on a schedule. Trust me I did not pick the schedule, I am pretty much stuck in the house all day because of DS napping (he doesn't nap well out and about) but that is what works for him. I just really think some parents don't want to mess with doing anything so they just let them pass out from exhaustion. It just came to my mind because we put the kids in bed last night and then I went to the store and I saw all these little kids out and one girl was rubbing her eyes and laying on her dad's shoulder and they were just wandering through wal mart just looking at stuff. I know I shouldn't care and of course it is not my place to parent their children and really shouldn't judge but I just don't know why if she is that tired she isn't in bed. NOW of course there are times when our kids are out and don't get in bed on time and they are tired etc but not because I am just wondering through the store. I actually got a lady who yelled at me because I have my kids go to bed at 7:30 I mean seriously????? YELLED.
I agree with everything you've said. Especially the bolded area. We never forced our DD to go to sleep but were really vigilant about figuring out her cues and establishing a routine early on. It was hard work and we gave up evenings out with other couples or late play dates, etc. Once in awhile she'll be up late but it's rare. I have nieces and nephews that were allowed to stay up as late as they wanted (since they were infants) and then just crash and every time I was around them it was a disaster. It was very sad because they were absolutely exhausted but their parents just didn't want to stop "going" so the kids would fight sleep until they were on their 3rd or 4th wind. And these parents thought it was weird (and said so!) that I was putting my infant to bed at 6:30.
I remember going to bed when it was still VERY much daylight outside when I was a kiddo.
All that said, I know that early bed times don't work for everyone so to each his own. But for our family it's the best thing.

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