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Re: hormone powered rant...

Yeah.. DD#1 is 2 1/2 as well. I think I've had a whole month of energy this pregnancy. Not a good combo with a demanding toddler who is more than just a ball of energy (demanding, needy, curious, and excells in physical activities). And working full time to boot. I become an offical SAHM in one week though!

Originally Posted by munchkinflame13 View Post
ITKWYM. With my first DD, the only bad side affect of being pg was I was tired and slept a lot. NO ms, acne, nothing. With this DD, I am waking up screaming with charley horses in my right leg only ( ), still having ms off and on at 21 weeks (had it daily up until 1-2pm up until 19.5 weks), pregnancy acne (luckily just on my face) achy and exhausted but I have a 2.5 yo this time around so I can't just sleep when I get home from work. . . ITKWYM and I totally empathise. for you and for me. . .
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