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Re: Printing off photos of your relatives children....a question

Update for anyone that cares.

She did tell me just recently that she is using someone else's facebook page with their permission. It was one of the people I thought that had given her the password. She told me that she had mentioned it to my dh.....which he does not at all recall her ever mentioning it. He says he found out himself. She says she thinks that it's "odd that he is unhappy with her using someone else's password". After I had first posted this issue, I changed privacy settings on that person that had given her the password so for now she won't be able to see or print photos without MY permission instead of someone else's.

She did not say anything about the photos or printing them off. She just mentioned the password after I asked her about that.

I am very picky about who is on my friend's list anyway and don't have a problem with anyone that is actually on my list looking at photos of our family. It's that person that is not on my friend's list but is finding a way on anyway that I have a problem with. But I did change privacy settings and did mention to her that it bothered my dh and I that she was using someone's password.
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