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2?s cracks in PUL & PUL cover care

I have been having a lot of trouble with leaking with my PUL covers. It is partly because she soaks her diapers so much. So it is partly on me to get used to this change in her and check her diapers more often so I can hopefully catch it before she goes so much that she saturates the entire diaper. I have also added a 2nd doubler and that helps. But we have recently had a few leaks so I was rinsing out some wet clothes along with a wet PUL Thirsties cover and as I rinsed it I noticed right in there area where her pants were wet on the cover there are like cracks in the PUL. So I am guessing that this is really contributing to the leaks. 2 of my PUL covers have these cracks and the one that rarely gives me trouble is fine. So are these covers save-able or are they doomed to the trash? Is it time for some new covers?

2nd ?...How do you care for PUL covers? For just those they get a little pee on them, how often do you wash them? what water temp? do you line dry or use dryer? If I buy new covers (and for the ones I am still using) I want them to last as long as possible. Wondering if I am to hard on my covers. Do you wipe them down with a wipe after each diaper change?

The covers giving me trouble I bought here on FSOT in great condition, I have been using them for just over 1 year. They are used in a rotation of about 7 covers total (both PUL and wool)

TIA for any help
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