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Re: 2?s cracks in PUL & PUL cover care

Hmm, I have PUL covers with cracks, and they don't leak at all. But if they wetness seems to be where the cracks are, your cracks must be more severe. It sounds to me like they're shot, but I have heard that putting them in the dryer on high heat once can help reseal the PUL. If you think they're goners anyway, that may not be a bad last ditch effort.

I don't wipe them down; I rotate them during the day so that there is always a different one sitting there that's been airing out. I rotate between two until one of them gets poop on it (which almost never happens if you pin or snappi) or they start to smell like pee. The one with exposed PUL can go a couple days before I wash it. The ones with a layer of cotton on the inside can only go a couple of changes. If it smells like pee, I throw it in the diaper pail and wash it with the rest of my diapers, but I line dry them.
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