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Re: 2?s cracks in PUL & PUL cover care

Yep, I let water run onto my cover in the sink and it held water in the center but on the sides where the cracks are the water went through and the cover was wet/changed color in those spots. The aplix closure on them is about due to be replaced as well. One side on one cover barely holds on.

Rotate through my whole cover stash and lay the one I take off on the top of my diaper pail to air out and then when I change dd again the aired out one goes in the reuse pile, changed one gets laid out. Same for my wool, although I do favor the PUL so they get used more often. I'd say each cover gets used maybe 3 or 4 times a day on average. So I usually wash all my PUL covers with my pail liner once a week in warm water and usually dry on low in the dryer just until they are dry (my pail liner is usually still damp after that so that gets hung up until it is finished drying.) Maybe I wont put my new ones in the dryer every time. I did try drying the cracked ones on high but it didn't seem to make much difference. After a few uses they were leaking again.
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