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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

Firethorn, Where oh where did you get that awful advice. You should never ever ever retract a baby's foreskin. NEVER!!!!!!!!!! Retracting a foreskin causes permanent damage. It will cause the infections you think you are trying to cure. A baby's foreskin is fused to the glans of the penis like your finger nail is fused to your nailbed. If you pull it back it will tear and hurt very badly. Would you want me to pull your fingernail back? That "icky sticky white stuff" is smegma, it is supposed to be there. It is as natural as a woman's vaginal secretions (and really pretty much the same thing). It will not cause infection, it prevents it. What the OP's child probably has is a bit of irritation, maybe from her pulling back to use the fungacide, but probably just from the diaper rubbing against the skin. This is totally normal. The reason so many children have had trouble with infections when left intact is because of this kind of advice. It causes tears in the skin that allows infections to get in. Then the child winds up needing circ'd and everyone can stand back and say "see you should have just circumcised to begin with. I told you that foreskins were trouble." Let me say it one last time


Public service announcement closed.
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