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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

Originally Posted by firethorn
I hope this gets to you timely. Sorry for not answering sooner, I just figured with all the posts that you had gotten a good answer.

The problem is stupid DR's. (unknowledgable DR's) There is a misconception that you leave it (the foreskin) alone. NO!!!!!!! It should have been done at birth, but you can do it now. It does hurt especially with it being infected. You can do this your self and it is probably best you do.

What has happened: The foreskin over the head causes a pocket down where you cant see it. It fills with bacteria. It stinks and is white, thick and sticks to the skin. (Think about a girl and what can accumulate in the folds of her pubis if she is not cleaned properly. It is the same for an in tact boy, but his has been there for may months.)

What to do: Pull back the foreskin, take a wash cloth and scrub away the build up. Then smear a good portion of triple anti biotic ointment all over the head and foreskin. This helps with the infection and to keep the forsaking mobile. This way each time you change a diaper you pull back and clean.

After the redness goes away (this will take a couple days) you can stop putting on the ointment. But always pull back when you change a diaper.

[I tried to tell my sister this when her son went through the same thing. She would not do it because the "DR" said it was to be left alone. He ended up (age 15 mon.) haveing day surgery to remove the foreskin and a series of antibiotics to heal the horrid infection. ]

I know because WE were taught by a DR with our first son. The Dr worked with a lot of Indian families who do not circumcise. MY DH was not (he is native american) so I did not want our sons done. With my second son we had moved and the new Dr said don't touch it. We ended up calling first DR when DS #2 got infected. This is what he said to do. It worked but I needed a lot of tissue and a hug after putting him through the pain of pulling it back. I had to straddle him and promise mommy was not being mean but helping him. He did hug me after words and tell me his penis hurt. I told him we were going to make it better.

I wish you well because I know this is hard.


you do leave a forskin alone. it should only be retracted by the penis owner. pulling it back before it retracts on its own is painful and is akin to ripping off a fingernail. the skin is adheared to the glans. I cannot believe you are giving this information out!!!
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