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Re: Due Yesterday - Tips Anyone?!

Elizabeth: I'm probably gonna go on a hunt for EPO tomorrow and start that... What is TBD? DTD? There starts to be too many, I don't know what things stand for anymore. If that's what you mean though, I can't because he's in Egypt... :'(

About the things that start contractions... I wouldn't want anything to start hard contractions now because I am not dilated at all (at least as of yesterday). But things to get me fully effaced and start dilation are what I need, I think. Sex would be great, even if I'm over 40 weeks pregnant, I've been really in the mood for it. I guess that's mostly cause I don't get any with my husband in Egypt... EPO is what I will try next.

I talked to my doctor about wanting to wait as long as possible before getting induced. The 11th is actually 10 days after my due date... She insisted on making the appointment for it, but we agreed that if, on the 10th, it seems like I am on my way to getting there myself, we will schedule it for the 14th or 15th. And really, I wouldn't feel comfortable myself going past 42 weeks.

My doctor is really nice and understanding and I don't really feel pressured. Only thing was the making of the appointment. I didn't really want her to, but she wanted to be sure that if I had no real progress, I wouldn't have to wait until the 14th (Monday, since they don't induce on weekends) to start.

I really hope it doesn't go that long though...!
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