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Re: Due Yesterday - Tips Anyone?!

Originally Posted by candicesj View Post
So I was due yesterday... No baby yet, obviously. I also had a doctor's appointment where I learned that I was still 80-90% effaced like 2 weeks ago and not dilated at all, and the cervix is still posterior and the baby is still pretty high!

I can't believe nothing has changed in 2 weeks!

Any tips on what I can do to get things going so I don't have to be induced (which would be the 11th)

Thanks for *any* tip you might have.
Remember that your due date is an estimate! My first was 12 days late; my second 12 days early. I went to an airshow the day AFTER I was due with my son and walked, and walked, and walked. Nothing. I ended up being induced. My second one decided to be in a hurry.

Babies just seem to have their own timelines, both during pregnancy and postpartum!
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