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Nathan's natural (miltary) hospital birth

Nathan was born on May 22nd at 12:43am (missed his EDD by 43 minutes, although if we'd still been living where he was concieved he would have been on it lol!) and was 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. Third child, first unmedicated childbirth.

I got my membranes stripped (for the 3rd time) that afternoon at 4pm, and was at 5-6cm and 70% effaced at 40 weeks exactly. I was gestational diabetic and trying everything to avoid an induction. By 9pm was contracting every 4-7 minutes, although not that strong, lasting 45 sec to a min. I thought, hey, my favorite doctor is there tonight, and she is most likely to follow our birthplan without an arguement on i woke up my napping husband and told him i thought we should go in..i was contracting well enough and the OB did say she'd take me if a bed was availible (and it was).

We took our two other children to the grandparents close by and headed in. During the drive, i told my DH I thought i might actually be in labor b/c i was starting to feel nauseus...although i still didn't believe i was in labor. So we got there at 10pm with contractions 3 to 4 miniutes apart and a minute long, but still not painful and my OB wanted a baseline monitoring strip before breaking the water. Then had 2 back to back c-sections come up.

I labored for a little while on the birthing ball provided, contractions picked up some in intensity and i was begining to concentrate through them..and wouldn't you know, my water broke on it's own at 12:05!!!!

My doctor was done with the operations and came back and was excited for me that i was doing it on my own. All the nurses that came in were peaceful and quiet and respectful of our natural delivery plan, wispering to each other how great i was doing and handeling it so well (blush lol!). Shortly after my waterbroke (which i felt a pop inside, checked, no fluid, then a min later another pop and had to pee so i went and on my way back was leaking down my leg!) After that, a few big gushes with contractions, and the contractions were getting more intense and i was begining to feel some pressure.

Moved onto the bed (my choice) and was checked and was 9cm with just a teensy bit of cervix left. I jokingly asked if it was too late for an epidural (my husband later told me he thought i was serious and that i was in for trouble now lol!)The OB i love so much, just used a baby catching mat on the bed and kept the lights dimmed and everyone was quiet and peaceful. A contraction later was feeling pushy. I felt the "ring of fire" but pushed past it pretty quickly. I reached down and felt his head bulge, gave a good push and his head popped right out. Rested for a minute, and pushed the rest of his body out in the next contraction.

Nathan was born into my arms with just two minutes of pushing as I felt the counting to 10 or annoying voices in my ear. I don't think my doctor even touched him, except to support my hands as I caught him and pulled him to my chest. We let the cord stop pulsing before cutting it, about 10 minutes, and my husband clamped and cut it all by himself.

All in all, it was amazing and I'm so glad I decided to go without pain medication and use breathing and relaxation techniques instead. This is the first birth i didn't tear or have much pain after delivery.

I did allow a heplock to be placed for emergency vascular access if needed when i checked in and glad i did as when the placenta was delivered i started to hemmorage and was given pitocin in an IV as well as cytotec to control the bleeding.

Here's our little man, last baby (presumably)- ETA He's going to be a big brother, lil sis is due May 2012!
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