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Re: Lactational Amenorrhea Method

Lam worked for me, and But we used it with nfp. Nfp should be used with nfp if you need to avoid pregnancy.

Sheila kippley wrote the book " breastfeeding and natural child spacin" and it's got thorough info on the topic. Kippley and her husband wrote an nfp book as well.

I do have pcos, but for me that was looooong cycles, not a lack of ovulation or cycles, fwiw. I had my return of fertility at about 16 months post partum. We offered solids around 6.5 months old, but she didn't really eat them until about 18 months old. Luteal phases were short, a problem for me pre-pregnancy too. I am pregnant again now, and was aware that I was fertile when having sex, so, was not surprised by this pregnancy at all. I did have delayed ovulation with long term bf...some could have been pcos induced, but this little one was conceived on day 28 or something.
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