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Re: Anyone else have light positives?

Ok, I'm not out yet. LOL I do this to myself all the time. I read on the internet and think there is no way I'm pregnant because everyone has the symptoms and all are getting BFN.

Well, the BFP are rolling in now and AF isn't due til the earliest June 22 and the latest June 27th.

So, it ain't over till AF rears her ugly head.

I had some pink CM yesterday so I am not quite sure what that was. Time will tell. Trying to be patient.

On a whim I took my bp a few times while I was at the store yesterday and it was high. Not good. I always have borderline to high bp when pregnant.

So, not sure if that is just another sign or just because I've been eating like crap and am overweight already.

Going on a diet tomorrow and will get back to feeling healthy. I just let myself go after my m/c in Jan.

Anyways, I'm not giving up that easily on this month!

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