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Re: I think it's baby day!

congrats on being in labor!
i hope i get to do that in a few weeks, (i never had cointractions at all on my own the first time and still no bh this time! ) and its just really cool you didnt freak and rush to a hospital! ugh, i have a home health nurse (cause of my problems i was having but she doesnt come inside lol) and she told me if i feel trickling or my water breaks, i have to get to the hospital within an hour cause theres a big risk of infection, theyll need to check me...uhhh..what world does that make sense in? :lol:
i havent been around much l ately, do you have a mw to call later, or are you doing a uc?
im so excited for you! you must be getting closer since you said no walking or talking through them anymore. not that im happy about pain, lol but you kwim!
have a great rest of labor and for an easy fast birth!!
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