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Childish and possibly hormonally induced rant... *sigh*

I have NO mommy friends in real life. It kinda stinks.

A while back, when DD was 8 months-ish (so ten months ago) I tried reaching out to my ex boyfriend's wife who had a baby about 6 months younger than DD. Is that weird? It wasnt as awkward as you might think. We're all grown ups and have moved on.

Anywho, she invited me to a lunch that she was doing once a week with some other mommy friends, they alternated houses each week. I went to two and we had a good time. I hosted one, it went well. DD was the oldest kid in the group and stole pacies but wasnt too much of a 'threat' to the littler less mobile babies.

I invited them to DDs first birthday party in December, trying to keep in touch and hoping to built on what I thought were new friendships... three of the four families said yes and slowly one by one let me know they wouldnt be able to make it. Thats fine, DDs bday is right before Christmas and I know it can be busy.

I let Christmas pass and thought I would host another playdate, again trying to keep communication/interaction up. It went well. We all had fun. DD fed some cheerios to the little boy closest to her age, very cute. Someone mentioned we should do it again and that they would host but I never heard anything.

Two of the babies have had first birthday's and parties that we werent invited to. I hear about them and saw pictures on facebook. We have alot of mutual friends so we always end up seeing each other at get togethers.

It makes me feel like crap that we havent been in touch since just after Christmas. I feel like I did something to offend them or that they just plain dont like me or DD. Ugh. I feel SO childish!! But it REALLY bugs me and makes me sad. I dont know why its so freakin' hard to make and keep friends.

I guess seeing the pictures on Facebook was just a reminder that I dont have many IRL friends or ANY mommy friends.

Ugh... thats all. I just had to get it out of my system. Thanks for reading.
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