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Re: Childish and possibly hormonally induced rant... *sigh*

Oh mamma! I bet you didn't do anything wrong. It's difficult for people to make new friends on a deeper level when your already set in the friends group you have.

While reading your story I realized there are moms that have tried engaging with me and my friends, I enjoy them greatly, their kids are great, i just kinda forget about them when they aren't there. I have selfishly become so comfortable in my group that I have forgotten to expand. I invite and accept people very easily, but I assume once they have attended the group, they can make themselves known and a part of things. Not realizing that they still aren't comfortable just going out and being in the group when ever they feel like it.

Keep working on it, also look into other groups of moms or form your own by being somewhere and becoming friendly with those around you! You really shouldn't have more than 5 REALLY good friends that you go to anyways!! More than that they are aquantinces, its too hard to be a really good friend to more than that!
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