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Re: I think it's baby day!

Originally Posted by *~Mindy~* View Post
. . . . . . she told me if i feel trickling or my water breaks, i have to get to the hospital within an hour cause theres a big risk of infection, theyll need to check me...uhhh..what world does that make sense in? :lol:
Mindy - all Dr.'s and nurses tell you that - but guess what if no one was sticking their fingers up in there to check you every hour then there wouldn't be near as many germs getting in there to cause infection.

Now don't get me wrong you can always get an infection anyway but water leaking or even broke for 24-48 hours is not a big deal at all!

and especially if you're like me and at home in your own environment where you're already immune to most anything in your home and you're not having internal exams.

so what sense does it make - NONE!

Kristi - I am kind of hoping that is what happens to me - is that this is all just working slowly and then it'll happen quick.

Of course then our friend won't have time to get here. She's been to homebirths before but she's an hour away!

we gotta decide in the next hour or two whether to call her and tell her to come sleep the night here or what. I worry if we dont' that she won't make it if I wake up in hard labor but then I worry if I do that I'll sleep all night and then it be sometime tomorrow and I'll have wasted her time coming here to stay the night when she could have been in her own bed.
~ Christi ~
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