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Re: Childish and possibly hormonally induced rant... *sigh*

I can sympathize. We moved 18 months ago (two days after Maddie was born ) and I left my few real mommy friends behind, along with my playgroups ect. Luckily, through Milkshare donation, I met a really awesome mommy that has kids the exact same age as mine, and pretty much has all the same parenting beliefs as I do (CDing, BFing, AP, babywearing ect.) We have become really close friends, but that's about it. I chat with the women that attend my yoga & pilates classes, but I would not consider them friends really :-( We used to have a local AP mom's club, which was kind of fun, but the organizer quit, and things just kind of fizzled out. Forgot about the regular local mom's club, no one ever really participates much in that except for the mommy only events which really isn't my style. I almost always have my kids in tow
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