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my stay in labor and delivery last nite

ugh, yesterday went for my routine doc appt and he said everyting was good then headed to my NST. Baby looked great but they were picking up contractions. which wouldnt go away even with tons of fluids so of course my doc comes in and checks me says 20 percent effaced and 1 cm. I am going to keep you over nite.I was so pissed becuase i knew baby wasnt coming cause i was barely feeling the contractions. but he thought it was best so that i wouldnt deliver in car on way to hospital becuase he seems to think we live so far from hospital. So we called SIL who had volunteered to watch kay for the NST and told her. well kaylee was crying most nite cause she missed us. and then at 130am Mil got home to from work to Puke all over floor kaylee in wrapped in a towel on floor sleeping and my SIL kate covered in Puke. Kaylee got sick and puked all over the place.In SIL's face etc. and had to be given a shower. SO she had a rought nite but then was fine after getting sick every where. This morning i begged doctor to let me go home i told him i could be doing this at home i dont need to be here. But of course he kept saying if baby comes you will be delivering on the highway. Well of course he checks me and still 1 cm maybe 1.5 and 50 percent effaced. I couldnt sleep all nite cause of IV on inside of my left arm and contraction monitors on me. Even with the Nubian i finally took at 3am. (which just made me loopy. Well i was released finally at 10am I got to go cause i guess she is still sick she just puked all over the place. Doc also said somethign about he would ideally like her to stay in 7-10 more days for lungs. I dont know what to think but boy am i glad to be home i am 37wk1day today
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