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Re: A ? for mamas with intact sons

Originally Posted by firethorn
I think you are both misinformed and if you had read the post thoroughly you would know all the questions you have asked.
Do you think it more humane to let it get repeated infections. That skin is NOT attached. And once the boy starts to get erections is pushes against that too small opening causing sever pain. It is suppose to be done at birth.
I guess it is also in your opinion OK to just cut it off(the foreskin). Like that doesn't hurt.
It is practiced in many cultures that typically do not circumcise.
I will not argue this one bit. I KNOW what I am talking about, I've lived it. But boys are perfectly fine and don't get penile infections that so many a tribute to non circumcision.

I also take great offence to being yelled at. That is just down right nasty.
Please research before you state things to be fact.
This poor girl can only be more upset and confused. It realy is sad.

EXCUSE ME??? I am very well informed. my children are not circ and i have read TONS of info and even have a circ awareness website that I own. You are misinformed. There is so much wrong with your post i'm not even going to pick it apart. no one will take your advice to retract them, that is just wrong.
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