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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

Originally Posted by crystaldawn_23 View Post
Hmm I meet patients all the time that say they "want to" and literally have the baby on the breast for ONE second and then refuse saying they don't "like it" . I've had some tell me their husbands or sig other's don't want them too cause the "boobs" are for them not babies uggh.

I've also had moms tell me that they aren't going to nurse cause they get wic and formula's free so they see no benefit to nursing.

I had one patient that had a history of rape and had issues with breastfeeding because of that which I found so sad for both mama and baby.

Umm I have a friend that refused to nurse because she wanted her baby to have "overnights" with gramma and literally started leaving the baby for whole weekends when she was a few weeks old. We aren't friends since we've had kids lol... just too much disagreement.

I've also had a few friends wean early (as in after a few weeks) to drink, lose weight, take meds to lose weight, to get pregnant, to take birth control to avoid pregnancy... a bunch of different reasons.

fortunately my family has always been very supportive UNTIL I got pregnant while nursing and now that is a whole different issue lol.
Wow, if my DH said my boobs were his and not the baby's I would tell him his penis is for peeing and procreating so plan for me to not touch it until I'm ready to make another baby.

My step sister never tried to BF because she wanted to drink.
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