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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

My best friend didn't b/c she has a history of anxiety and depression she knew having a baby would be a challenge to her mental health. She knew being the soul source of food would be a potential anxiety trigger -- especially at night etc. So she decided formula was the best option. Having grown up with her and supported her through many bad times I totally got this and thought she was smart to think ahead and try to avoid a spiral.

My mom and aunt both never so much as tried my cousin has no intentions of trying either. They all just prefer formula. DH's mom tried to BF her first it didn't work out and she FF all 5 kids. I dunno I don't really get all bent about it. I BF b/c I believe it's best, I think I do what's right for me and others should do what's right for them and since what they do doesn't impact what I do I dont' really care.
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