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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

none of my friends or family have breast fed.

My mom did nurse us, my grandma nursed her kids. But no one that I can actually remember ever nursed. My sister tried but failed 3 times.

Reasons? Probably "formula is "easier" to use"

my reason for not nursing DS was he was a strong sucker, DD is the same. I also have forceful let down to the point it is painful sometimes and I also have over supply issues. Because of this I get blocked ducts and mastitis. SO even though I am still nursing DD I am struggling daily with it, I keep telling myself I REFUSE to formula feed her. Even if it means I am shaking, crying, sometimes screaming in pain while nursing her.

I recently talked to my grandma, mom and sister, they all had the same/similar issues. SO maybe it runs in the family? I have not asked my aunts, pretty sure they did not nurse though.
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