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Chicken in the oven? HELP!

Since I stopped working recently, I am making an attempt to be more domestic. The cleaning, I'm good with, and the other "managing the household" chores. The cooking, however? Eeek! I'm terrible.

Tonight, I am making potato salad, something I actually know how to do, and fresh corn on the cob. I want to have chicken to go with it, but I have no idea what to do with it.

I would prefer to grill it, but we don't have a grill and I don't want to make a Wal-Mart one to buy one.

So, I'm going to cook it in the oven, I guess? How should I do this? What should I do to it first? Do I need to add liquid to my casserole dish? Should I put it in a bag? How do I get it to have flavor?

ETA: My stove is electric, and the broil feature kinda stinks. So I'm stuck with baking.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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