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My ds (6) and dd (7), pick up and put away toys, vacuum the play room and their own bedrooms, make their beds, dust and put dirty dishes and dirty clothes where they go, fold and put away laundry-only when it gets too piled up, wipe down bathroom with a damp rag-no cleaner.
DD (16 mo.) dust-she loves her feather duster and won't let anyone else even touch it, washes her hand prints off the walls with me, picks up toys and shoes, supervises vacuuming and tries to ride on the vacuum.
My dh keeps his recliner warm and mows grass
I do the laundry, dishes, my room, scrub bathrooms and vacuum the living room, try to keep out side tidy, and do all big chores.
We normally spend about 30 min. on all daily chores in the morning and just do maintaining work throughout the day
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